Beginning to build Blues Lines

Beginning To Build Blues Lines

This topic will give you few tips on how to approach creating single note improvisation lines over a three chord blues progression.

So many guitarists tend to over think the process of creating their own solos. Some tend to use pure scale patterns and hope that all of the notes that they play fit with the background chords. But this does not necessarily always work.

To help you move forward I have written a chart that has two 12 bar solo examples.

Click here to download the chart for Beginning Blues Solo Lines

These ideas are fairly easy and will help you to generate your own lines that are personal, musical and effective.

Practice by playing just a few notes at a time. Try playing them in a different order to build different phrases is a great starting point.

Then think about adding subtle things like dynamics, changing rhythms, and sliding in and out of the tones. This will enable you to add your style to the lines.

State a short idea, then repeat it with a few minor changes and you will be on your way before you know it.

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These extra charts will show you how to take one idea and play it over each chord in the blues. The ideas my appear very very simple at the beginning (and they are) but they will train your ear to hear and play great lines.

So be diligent. Practice each of them slowly and steadily until you have memorised them and can play them over each chord fluently. Play them along to the backing track. Then to test yourself by playing them to the backing track with your eyes closed.

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For more advanced and detailed techniques to build on this concept check out my complete Target Tones Course. It will take you step by step from the basics to playing full length solos over extended chords and chord substitutes. And there are plenty of backing tracks to play over as well.